WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be offered with a small banner

WhatsApp's new privacy policy will be offered with a small banner

WhatsApp has announced on its blog that it will soon send its new privacy policy with a small banner and it will allow users to read terms carefully instead of “forcing” them to accept it quickly.

WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy gave a lot to talk about, as it showed intentions to share WhatsApp users’ data with Facebook. This did not please the users at all and started a scramble for other messaging apps.

WhatsApp is sending its new privacy policy with a small banner

There are dozens of options in the chat application market, but without a doubt, the most benefited from WhatsApp’s mistake were Telegram and Signal. Two applications came out very well in the privacy comparison in general.

Although it was later discovered that some of the privacy labels that are in the App Store were fake so we don’t know if they collected private data and sold them to big tech companies like Google.

Thanks to the privacy policy update, Telegram achieved 500 million active users in 72 hours. Now the company is back and says that in the upcoming weeks it will launch a new privacy policy where it will explain the conditions in detail.

In addition, they will allow us to read it before accepting it quickly without being able to continue using the messaging app. They also say they will respond to many of the concerns that have arisen after the first failed attempt at this privacy policy.

WhatsApp's new privacy policy will be offered with a small banner
You have to accept it by May 15th if you want to keep using the application.

The company made an official announcement

“In the coming weeks, we’ll display a banner in WhatsApp providing more information that people can read at their own pace. We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing. Eventually, we’ll start reminding people to review and accept these updates to keep using WhatsApp,” the company stated on its official blog.

They also say that the shopping functions are integrated with Facebook, hence in the privacy policy, we have to accept the exchange of information between the two companies.

Recall that Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, so it is not surprising that information is shared between the two in some situations such as payments.

The company also takes the opportunity to throw down other applications claiming that if we use other messaging apps that do not have end-to-end encryption as standard, it means that the messages we send can be seen by other people.

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