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TikTok comes to TVs with its new app for Android TV devices

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It was a matter of time before TikTok would also conquer the TV screens, like other services focused on videos from the web, something that is beginning to happen right now with the arrival of its application for Android TV devices from Google Play.

Of course, it should be noted that the TikTok app for Android TV does not offer all the possibilities offered in the app for mobile devices, for obvious reasons, considering that TikTok is focused on multimedia creation through mobile devices, while its app for Android TV is an app focused on viewing videos available on TV screens.

TikTok comes to TVs with its new app for Android TV devices

It still supports most of the functions, except being able to create and upload videos and comment on videos already published. It should also be noted that the display on TV screens is different from that on cell phones, given the orientation of most of the videos published, in portrait format, although it respects the orientation of the original videos.

In this sense, in vertical videos, the app will fill the sides of the screen instead of leaving black strips (similar to how vertical mobile videos are displayed in many TV channels), and in any case, it will also take advantage of the sides of the TV screen to provide information about the video being played at any given moment, being on one side the title with hashtags and reactions (likes and comments), and on the other side to report the music that is being listened to.

Its management is done with the remote controls

TikTok for Android TV allows users to switch from one video to another through the side buttons of the remote control, although pressing the top button will allow access to the options of the user’s account, and the lower one gives way to the options to interact with the content, with the limitations described above.

For those who do not wish to switch from video to video manually, the app itself has an automatic mode to offer a succession of videos one after the other. If you are not logged in, TikTok will offer random samples, but if you are logged in to the app, TikTok will offer a personalized list of videos belonging to the user’s feed.

Finally, it should be noted that the availability of the TikTok app for Android TV is quite limited at the moment, although there is the possibility of manually installing the APK, which can be downloaded from repositories such as APKMirror.

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