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TikTok adds a new feature to organize Q&A sessions

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TikTok is rolling out a new feature that gives influencers and content creators a new tool to interact with their audience.

While TikTok has multiple features for creators to create videos based on users’ interests, this new feature is much more direct and community-focused.

How you can create Q&A sessions on TikTok

The dynamics of this new TikTok feature is simple and makes it easy for creators to create Q&A sessions. To do so, they only need to add a button on their profile for users to leave the questions they want to include in this session. And the same dynamic is repeated in the comments box: Users will see a Q&A icon to leave their questions.

But no matter what medium your followers use, creators will see all questions in one section. This will save a lot of time, as they won’t have to scroll through hundreds of comments to see their audience’s concerns.

TikTok adds a new feature to organize Q&A sessions

On the other hand, these Q&A sessions can be live broadcasts or a recorded videos. And of course, they can also choose to answer questions in the comments. So creators will have all the freedom to create the atmosphere they want for these Q&A sessions, without it being formal at all, and it will suit their style.

And of course, they will be able to play with this feature to give it different modalities, e.g. have their followers ask questions respecting different themes, or add questions that they would like their guests to ask, etc.

For the moment, this feature is only available, on a trial basis, for some creators with public accounts that have more than 10 thousand followers and that have activated this option from the app’s settings. But TikTok plans to extend this test in the coming months to include more creators.

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