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Apple applied for a new patent: Apple Glass might be a reality in the future

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Some Apple projects took a long time to be a reality, recently we talked about Apple Car and now it’s time for Apple Glass, the company applied for a new patent, and technology enthusiasts saw it as a sign of a new smart glasses project. It is not a new project, in 2017 there has been news about Apple and Carl Zeiss were working on a project to create glasses with augmented reality features.

Apple applied for a new patent

To understand it, you only have to look at Google, more specifically Google Glass (Project Aura). A proposal that promised to be revolutionary, but that in the end ended up being a huge fiasco. It didn’t satisfy society’s expectations. Apple Glass will face all the skepticism that accompanies smart glasses.

Still, and especially throughout this year, there have been some contradictory rumors about the release date of Apple Glass. Some mentioned that it is imminent, while others pointed to 2022 or at least the last quarter of 2021.

Apple applied for a new patent: Apple Glass might be a reality in the future
This is the patent Apple applied for, it probably is for the smart glasses project

What we do know, or at least have a sense of based on Apple’s movements, is that the project seems to be moving forward. Apple has recently applied for the registration of a new patent with the title “Display System With Localized Optical Adjustments”. The idea, from what can be deduced from the patent, is that the lens adapts to the ambient lighting making the images of the real world lighter or darker. The interesting thing about this feature is that it would allow Apple Glass to adapt to outside light to combine the outside image (and brightness) with the elements of augmented reality.

Will Apple Glass be a reality?

In recent years Apple has registered several patents that are easily related to Apple Glass, so it seems that the company’s engineers are still working on the project. However, maybe this technology is actually intended for the windshield of the Apple Car. So we can never be sure if Apple Glass will be a reality or not.

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