Apple changed its mask wearing emoji, now it will smile

Apple changed its mask wearing emoji, now it will smile. The emoji of Apple is changing after the launch of iOS 14 and now everything indicates that it will smile despite wearing it.

It seems that many things are changing in the United States during the last weeks. The elections are close, Donald Trump’s COVID-19 test came out positive and the coronavirus pandemic is being understood (and accepted) more than ever. Apple also wants to raise awareness, even if it is in a symbolic way, this is why they have modified the design of their mask wearing emoji.

“Wearing a mask is not indicative of illness or sadness” this is the message Apple wants to give with the new design of their mask wearing emoji.

You can see the changes in the picture clearly.  As it has been proved, they have taken the smiling emoji and put a mask over it with the idea of transmitting more optimism and naturalness.

We must not forget that wearing a mask has been a subject much debate in the United States until its president became ill, and a change like this also has a political focus. WhatsApp’s mask wearing emoji doesn’t smile or look sad, his eyes are two inexpressive points, but the fact that Apple’s was depressed could be seen as something controversial, an aspect that has been resolved.

So far, this change has only reached iOS 14 beta 2, but most likely will soon reach also to the other iOS versions. So Apple changed its mask wearing emoji, now it will smile, let’s hope that it will have some impact among users and encourage the use of the mask to protect everyone’s health.

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