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How to create your own dynamic wallpaper for Android?

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How to create your own dynamic wallpaper for Android? Wallpapers are a key aspect of customization in Android. That’s why many users are looking to select their own backgrounds, of many different types, using applications to do so. Having a unique wallpaper is desired by many. The good part is that there are options for creating your own wallpaper.

For those users who don’t want to use the wallpapers that come on their phone by default, or those that an app gives them, they have the ability to create their own. This is even possible with dynamic wallpapers, which we can create and use on our Android phone, as shown below.

For this, we need to use an application on the phone. This application is Dynamic Wallpaper Maker, which allows users to create their own dynamic wallpapers. It will let us create both the background in question and the time intervals in which we want the background to change. So it adapts very well to what users need at all times, making it comfortable to use.

The creation process is not complex, because it has a very simple interface. When we enter we only have to choose Dynamic to start the creation. The application allows us to choose which background we want to upload, it can be photos we have in the gallery or static wallpapers, whatever we want. We can then configure how we want it to change at each interval to create that background we desire.

How to create your own dynamic wallpaper for Android?

In Dynamic Wallpaper Maker you can make the background change every hour, every two hours, etc. Although if you bet on shorter intervals, you will have to choose more photos or backgrounds, for those transitions. But this allows each user in Android to create their own dynamic wallpaper combinations, so it adapts easily to each one.

A shortcoming of the app is that the dark mode in the app takes the default background and simply applies a dark filter. So it doesn’t have an integration with dark wallpaper, which is something that might come in handy. This is an aspect to take into account.

How to create your own dynamic wallpaper for Android? As we have shown, in order to create these dynamic wallpapers in Android we will need this Dynamic Wallpaper Maker app. This is an application that we can download for free on our phones, available at the Play Store. Inside the app there are ads, but they are few and not invasive, so we can use the application without any problem.

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