Intel NUC M15: the first laptop in the NUC series

Intel NUC M15: the first laptop in the NUC series

Intel NUC M15 is a laptop that the chip giant has prepared specifically for “white label” manufacturers, as a basis for the creation of mobile equipment with Intel EVO certification.

For eight years Intel has used the NUC brand to market its mini-PC equipment. Now, the brand is being extended to the laptop segment.

Unlike the minicomputers that are distributed under its own brand, the Intel NUC M15 is not intended for the end customer but will serve as a reference kit that will allow Intel channel integrators to use its design and components for marketing equipment.

This laptop will be certified under the Intel EVO program, an extension of Project Athena that standardizes the minimum features for laptops: responsiveness, instant activation, slim designs with premium chassis, connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4, and at least 9 hours of real battery life with a quick charge system.

It is a laptop with a typical 15.6-inch screen, a 73 Wh battery, and a 15 mm thick chassis weighing 1.7kg, quite compact for its screen size.

Inside, the most advanced Intel processors to date stand out, the eleventh generation Core “Tiger Lake” manufactured in 10nm processes and with improvements in process performance and especially graphics with the new integrated Intel Xe (Gen12).

Intel will offer backend support to allow white-label vendors using this design to offer a 2-year warranty. The first Intel NUC M15 laptops will be available in January 2021.