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Disney is working on a Predator reboot

Disney is working on a Predator reboot

Disney is already preparing a new Predator reboot that will reignite the movie saga. If there is something Disney has that perhaps other big studios lack, it is its capacity to smell the big box-office successes or to promote them, even though it does not always succeed, undoubtedly it is one of the most successful films.

And of course, now that he has taken over another of his rival studios, 20th Century Fox, he has begun to review his catalog in order to take advantage of some of the titles that made the studio the most money at the box office, once independent. So, of course, Disney is already developing a fifth Predator film, hoping this reboot to serve as a rebound from the franchise.

According to some reports, 20th Century, the studio within Disney that Fox has become, has already hired director Dan Trachtenberg to begin developing a Predator 5. In theory, this reboot would serve to give a new makeover to the killer alien franchise after the 2018 disaster.

Trachtenberg, known for his work in the horror movie Cloverfield Street 10 and the series Black Mirror and The Boys, has been wandering around different projects over the last few years, including the film Uncharted, but has finally got a definitive job.

It is understood that the 2018 Predator movie will be forgotten for the franchise after the disaster it caused. Because of the many reshoots that were carried out for a supposed third act that was a complete disaster. As much as the film ended with the door open to a sequel and its director, Shane Black, had plans to make it, it seems that Disney has preferred the option of a new beginning.