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Google prepares to shut down Play Music

Google prepares to shut down Google Play Music, which will be carried out progressively.

For years, Google Play Music has been Google’s main rival to Spotify when it comes to music streaming. For several years, this service has coexisted with YouTube Music, a more recent service that in a few months will be the only option in the Google catalog.

A few weeks ago, Google added a tool to migrate our music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, also adding the expected feature that allows us to upload up to 10,000 songs to our account. All this transition has an end, and in Google Play Music the closing dates are already planned.

Google prepares to shut down Play Music service

For some time we knew that this moment would come, and although fortunately it has become longer than expected, everything has an end, and that is that Google is already beginning to evict Google Play Music.

The closure of the platform will be progressive and will not take place immediately, but will take several months and will arrive in several phases, the first of which is imminent.

But what are those phases and what will we be losing? And when will the final closure be?

End of August: From now on you will not be able to buy or reserve new music.
September: In New Zealand and South Africa streaming music can no longer be used. This process will be extended to other countries, losing the ability to use Play Music for the month of October.
December: Final closure of Google Play Music. From this moment you will lose your music uploaded to the platform, the one you have bought, your likes and playlists forever.

And what if you don’t want to lose it? Here Google offers two options, the first of which is the YouTube Music transfer tool.

If YouTube Music does not convince you and you want to save all your music locally, you also have the option of using the Google Takeout tool to download any data from your Google account. Just uncheck everything and check Google Play Music to do it.