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Netflix released a trailer for The Midnight Sky: Starring George Clooney

Netflix released a trailer for The Midnight Sky: Starring George Clooney

Netflix released a trailer for The Midnight Sky, we will see George Clooney as a director and protagonist at the same time. Netflix maintains its commitment to original content at any cost. With an apocalyptic atmosphere and a mysterious air, this is ‘Midnight Sky’, one of the upcoming releases of the streaming service.

It is a film based on the book of the same title written by Lily Brooks-Dalton. The Midnight Sky will be a part of the Netflix Christmas release consignment. In the video of just over a minute, we already see some of the cast members, in addition to that icy atmosphere.

In the Netflix trailer of The Midnight Sky, we see George Clooney, director and protagonist, plays Augustine, A scientist who has ended up alone in an Arctic base and almost on the planet, at least until Iris appears. And there’s a girl who seems oblivious to a risky situation on planet Earth.

Both are on a planet threatened by a mysterious catastrophe whose only hope is Ether, a ship that for years has been trying to contact the Earth without receiving any response. And precisely that ship becomes Augustine’s main mission, who will have to prevent Sully (Felicity Jones, who may sound familiar to us from ‘Rogue One: a Star Wars Story or ‘The Theory of Everything’) and his fellow astronauts from returning to an Earth.

As we see in the Netflix trailer of The Midnight Sky and in the first images, it is an adventure largely in space in which we see familiar faces like those mentioned, completing the cast with David Oyelowo (who was already in ‘The Good Wife’ among many other productions), Tiffany Boone (we saw her not long ago in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’), Demián Bichir (nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in ‘A Better Life’), Kyle Chandler (how could we not remember him in ‘Friday Night Lights’ and Caoilinn Springall, the girl who plays Iris. The script is written by Mark L. Smith and Clooney.

Netflix released a trailer for The Midnight Sky. At first glance, the film seems to be faithful to the premise of the novel, although we will have to wait to know if this is the case since the premiere will still take some months. We will be able to see it on Netflix from December 23rd, so we are fans of science fiction and especially of post-apocalyptic approaches and we already have something else to add to the list.