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Redesigned Netflix menu will show new series and movies at a glance

Redesigned Netflix menu will show new series and movies at a glance

Netflix is redesigning the menu, so people should be able to find popular series and movies even easier in the future.

Redesigned Netflix menu

For this reason, the streaming service is adding a new section to its menu, in which numerous new titles and highlights are bundled.

Netflix users are familiar with the problem: once a series or a film has been watched to the end, they browse through hundreds of suggestions for a new title. However, the latest or particularly successful recommendations often get lost among the multitude of formats. A new design feature is intended to make the search for new series, films and seasons easier in the future and to bundle all recommendable titles in one place.

In the course of this, the service will expand the previous main menu to include the “New & Popular” tab, under which selected suggestions will be summarized.

Netflix program previews will be more comprehensive

The redesigned menu of Netflix was already tested in April, but only with selected users. Now the new category is to be made available on all TVs. Titles will be grouped in the tabs “Top 10”, “New on Netflix” and “Soon on Netflix”. The latter is to be extended by a large program preview, which will show all series and movies to be added to the platform in the next 15 and 365 days.

Netflix is constantly adding new features to its streaming platform to make streaming even easier and more enjoyable for users; we have summarized the best tips in the video above. In this article we will list the new movies, series and seasons that the streaming service is adding to its platform this month.