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Dropbox brings a new Family Plan with 2TB storage capacity

Dropbox brings a new Family Plan with 2TB storage capacity

Dropbox has expanded its cloud storage service offerings with a new Family plan that provides 2 TB data for six users and a ‘family room’ as a shared folder that allows you to share files easily.

Dropbox presents its new Family Plan thinking of the consequences of the COVID-19: “With most people living, working, and schooling from home, our lives got way more complicated almost overnight. We can’t bring everyone together for a few laughs in the family room, but we’re doing our part to help you and your family.”

True, the pandemic is presenting additional challenges on all levels, and cloud services play a very important role. The amount of data to be managed is increasing all the time and this family plan are a good option to keep our files and backups safe while lowering individual fees.

Dropbox new family plan details and price

The new Family Plan of Dropbox offers 2 TB storage that can be used by up to six users. Everyone has their own separate account and private storage portion for their personal files, but it is managed under the same plan with a single bill.

In addition to the private storage, users have access to a special folder as a shared “family room” to connect all users on the account. You don’t have to use it with your family necessarily because this plan can be used in other scenarios such as small offices.

In addition to the storage of individual files, Dropbox includes the rest of the superior plan functions, such as automatic computer backups for PC and Mac.


New Family Plan of Dropbox offers other functions such as Passwords, which allows users to create and store secure encrypted passwords for the different services they use such as Spotify, Amazon, bank accounts, online classes or others, on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Also Vault, an additional security layer for each user’s most sensitive files with protection under biometric authentication. In addition, you can select a family member to access this protected vault in case of an emergency.

New Family Plan of Dropbox has a monthly $16.99 price tag. Cloud storage is an important thing if you want a different solution you can also check other providers such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.