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Amazon Luna: Amazon’s cloud gaming service is now official

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Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service is now official. It had been rumored for a while but Amazon just introduced Amazon Luna, its own video game streaming service. Luna comes with a monthly $5.99 price tag. It is not known what the final price will be, but the one that was revealed today is much lower than Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now.

Amazon explains that at launch it will be available on Fire TV, PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad in the form of a web-app, while Android will join the project later. The service is in the early access phase, only in the United States and it is only accessible by invitation, so we will have to wait.

Amazon Luna specs

Obviously, Luna runs on Amazon AWS, Amazon’s own servers. Like Google Stadia, Luna has its own controller, the Luna Controller, but it does not connect to devices, it directly connects to the cloud. But why? According to Amazon it will reduce latency and allow a quick jump between one device and another. The controller will cost $49.99 during the early access price.

Does this mean it is absolutely necessary to have Luna Controller to be able to play on Amazon Luna? Absolutely. Like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna will offer keyboard and mouse support and a Bluetooth controller, like PS or Xbox. Needless to say, the Luna Controller can be also used to play other PC games, for example by connecting it to the USB port.

Amazon Luna Controller
Amazon Luna Controller

Amazon Luna Plus channel

But let’s talk about video games. More than 100 games will be available via the Luna Plus channel. During the pre-access phase with Luna channel, we will be able to access games like ‘Resident Evil 7’, ‘Control’, ‘Panzer Dragoon’, ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’, ‘The Surge 2’, ‘GRID’, ‘ABZU’ and ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’. Amazon assures that the resolution will be FullHD and that they will offer 60 FPS at full resolution.

In terms of requirements, there are not many when it comes to hardware. As in all services of this style, the two fundamental requirements are having a fast and stable connection.  Amazon states that the recommended minimum speed is 10 Mbps, although to play in 4K it will be necessary to have at least 35 Mbps. It seems that Luna can be accessed using mobile data, although Amazon warns that Luna uses up to 10GB data per hour playing in FullHD.

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