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Amazon launched Echo and Echo Dot: specs and price

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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, the new Amazon speakers are introduced, in this article we will talk about their specs and price. These models have a sphere form. The speaker is located at the upper part and that part is covered in fabric. The lower area has a LED that will react when we give commands to Alexa.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot specs and price

Amazon has mentioned that it has “premium adaptive sound” and that it integrates with Zigbee. Inside, the Amazon Echo mounts the AZ1 “neural edge” processor focused on machine learning and they say it consumes 20 times less power, processes conversations twice as fast, and consumes 85% less memory.

All the new Amazon Echo models are now spherical

According to Amazon, we will now be able to “teach” this assistant to learn specific orders that are adapted to our environment. The synthetic voice of Alexa has been improved as well and is now more natural.

On the other hand, one of the most interesting news is that “Alexa, join our conversation.” This command allows Alexa to “be a part” of the conversation and now it can talk to different parties at the same time. You don’t have to say “Alexa” all the time, but the assistant will be more attentive all the time. The price of the device is $99.99 and will be available in three colors.

Amazon Echo Dot specs 
Amazon Echo Dot specs

Amazon Echo Dot specs

There are several versions of the new speaker. Echo Dot and Echo Dot with a clock. These are more basic models. As its name suggests, the Amazon Echo Dot with a clock has a LED digital clock on the front. The price for the standard model is $49.99, while the model with a clock will be sold for $59.99.

Amazon Echo Dot specs 
Amazon Echo Dot specs

Amazon comes up with a new design for kids, the Echo Dot Kids Edition. They have animal themes as you can see in the image. Alexa can now read with the children and become a companion of readings both during the day and before going to sleep. The price of this speaker is similar to the Echo Dot with a clock, it will be sold for $59.99.

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