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You can play Fallout 76 for free on all platforms

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Now you can play Fallout 76 on all platforms for free. Bethesda has launched a promotion that allows you to play Fallout 76 for free until October 26. For users who want to continue the game after can resume from where they’ve left by purchasing the game at a 60% discount.

In the universe of Fallout, October 23rd marks the start of the thermonuclear war that nearly ended the world. Every year they are kicking off events that led to the plot of this action-role saga. This event is highly rated by gamers even though Fallout 76’s technical issues at launch lowered its score.

Thanks to the ‘Bomb Day’, Bethesda is allowing Fallout 76 to be played free of charge until next Monday on all platforms, on personal computers through the company’s clients or Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

Play Fallout 76 on all platforms for free
How to play Fallout 76 on all platforms for free?


The distributor offers the complete original game and also the update Wastelanders. Also, there will be new features such as special human NPCs. Additionally, Fallout 1st is also available for subscription testing until October 26.

If you play the game for free the company will allow players to restart from where they have left without losing their progress. Then the game will be discounted 60% during this period on all platforms. There will be discounts on the Legendary Edition, free items, and more.


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