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Instagram 10th anniversary update: What’s new?

Instagram 10th anniversary update: What's new?

It has been 10 years since Instagram came into our lives as a social network and they will release a special Instagram 10th anniversary update. An opportunity that of course, they have not wanted to miss, starting already with the first celebrations with the launch of new features including a private “story map”, which offers a retrospective of all the stories we have shared during the last three years; the arrival of new exclusive icons; several updates, and a small retrospective of their history.

What’s new in Instagram 10th anniversary update?

One of the first new features of Instagram 10th anniversary update is the arrival of a selection of custom application icons in which we can redesign the Instagram shortcut on our home screen. It’ll be available immediately with the latest update, iOS and Android users will be able to choose from a variety of icons in orange, yellow, green, purple, black, white, as well as other special designs such as the Pride rainbow flag, different versions of their classic icons, and even the first icons used in the trial versions of the application.

What is not clear is if these icons will have some other functions, such as a complete theme to accompany these aesthetics within the application.

Stories Map
Stories Map

The arrival of the new “Stories Map” feature with Instagram 10th anniversary update is pretty interesting too, which will present us with a private map and calendar of all the stories we have published on our Instagram account over the past three years so that we can remember our favorite moments.

Two other new features that are also implemented with the Instagram 10th anniversary update are scheduled in conjunction with the start of National Harassment Prevention Month. The first, which will start as a test feature, will automatically hide comments from the main comment feed that are detected as similar to others that have already been reported, although they will continue to be accessible under the “view hidden comments” tab.


Instagram is also expanding its warning function to include an additional warning when people attempt to post offensive comments with Instagram 10th anniversary update. An enhancement to the already existing AI-driven feature, which notifies people when their comment can be considered offensive, giving them the opportunity to reflect and make changes before posting. Now, this feature suggests that they take a moment to step back and reflect on their words and possible consequences.