How to make calls with Telegram?

How to make calls with Telegram?

How to make calls with Telegram? Telegram is getting popular day by day and it is an application that can be used on any platform. There are official and unofficial applications for Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Of course, Telegram is also available for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also make calls with Telegram, it’s not only a messaging app. This is a very useful option when you want to call someone using only your internet connection, rather than the mobile operator.

All of the calls are end-to-end encrypted, this feature will assure your privacy when you are making calls. In addition, the calls have very good quality and do not consume an excessive amount of data.

How to make calls with Telegram?

In order to make a call, the first thing we must do is, of course, install the latest version of the app. We will be able to download this from its official website, Google Play or App Store.

After logging into the app, we only need to access the profile of one of our contacts and click on the options icon. Then we should tap on the “Call” option. This option will enable you to make calls with Telegram.

In case we do not find any available contact on the main page, we can invite them to join the platform from the application itself. To do so, we must access again to the Telegram side menu and choose the option called “Invite Friends”

Before we finish, it is necessary to say that, from the application’s privacy settings, it is possible to configure who can call us and who can not. In addition, we can disable the call option completely if we do not want to be disturbed in a particular situation.

This way you will be able to make calls using only your internet connection. In this article, you learned how to make calls with Telegram.