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Android 11 Go Edition is introduced, here are the features

Android 11 Go Edition is introduced: see here the details
Android 11 Go Edition is introduced: see here the details

Android 11 Go Edition is introduced, Google has released the new version of its operating system specially designed for entry-level mobiles, where the specifications are not as powerful as in other smartphones. This new iteration brings some news that we saw in Android 11 and it also promises to open apps 20% faster.

The Go version of Android was first released in 2017, it is an ultra-light version of “normal Android”. With this, mobile phones with lower specifications can have a version of Android that does not freeze easily as it is specially optimized for this type of device. It allows these mobiles to enjoy some of the latest functions published for the normal version of Android.

What’s new in Android 11 Go Edition: Here are the features

As announced by Google, Android 11 Go Edition arrives to bring some of the new features that Android 11 has. Following features will be available on Android 11 Go:

  • Gesture navigation: Entry-level devices are also getting larger and larger screens and no front buttons. Consequently, Google has implemented gesture navigation to switch between apps or to return to the home screen.
  • Conversation management: Similar to Android 11, now the notifications of messaging apps are grouped in a single section of the notification center, thus allowing them to be managed more comfortably.
    Privacy improvements: Permissions for apps are more specific now, allowing each one to be granted access to specific aspects such as the camera, microphone or location only temporarily.
  • New functions in Go apps: Android 11 Go Edition has specific apps that, like the operating system, have been optimized for entry-level devices.
Android 11 Go Edition
Android 11 Go Edition

Among the news perhaps the most interesting thing is the improvement in performance. Google says that Android 11 Go Edition will be available on devices with 2GB RAM. Previously it was 1.5GB. Everything points to the fact that the new phones with 2GB RAM will come with Android Go or Google will not certify them. This extra 500MB allows you to open apps up to 20% faster than in Android 10 Go, says Google.

Despite everything, it is not clear which devices will be able to update to Android 11 Go.