Chrome 85 update will let you group the tabs

Chrome 85 update will let you group the tabs
Chrome 85 update will let you group the tabs

If you work with multiple tabs in the Google browser, you will like the news in this area that the new Chrome 85 version has just landed on the stable channel.

Chrome is one of the most complete web browser on the market, but it is also known for being a great sucker for hardware and battery resources in laptops. This manifests itself especially when we have dozens of tabs open. On the other hand, one of the biggest obstacles to working with tabs is organizing the certain chaos they represent. There have been several attempts to provide users with the means to reorganize them (there are extensions that improve it) and finally Google provides an official method in Chrome 85.

The tab groups is a function that has been tested in the channels beta for a few months and are exactly what its name says: allows users to group and organize open tabs into groups that can be labeled by names and colors collapse and expand the groups to focus on the ones you need to access at any given time.

Through the contextual menu of the tabs you can create groups distinguishable by a custom name and color, and both to add tabs to these groups and to remove them from them, just use the same context menu or drag and drop the tabs outside or inside of the groups.

In addition to better organization and increased productivity, Google also promises performance improvements, up to 10% faster page loads, and reduced resource consumption impact of inactive background tabs, prioritizing pages with which actually a user interacts.


Not all the new features of the function will be available immediately and will be gradually added to the different versions of Chrome 85 for the desktop, Chromebooks or Android devices. The truth is that this is a very interesting feature for users who work with a large number of open tabs.