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How to transfer songs from Google Play Music account to YouTube Music?

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Google Play Music will officially close in a few weeks, it is time to find out how to transfer songs from your Google Play Music account to YouTube Music in just a few clicks.

What will happen to Google Play Music?

Google Play Music will shut down in the coming weeks, Google’s streaming listening service, which also allowed you to import your own songs, will be replaced by YouTube Music.

Google has also developed a fairly precise timetable for the end of Google Play Music. From the end of August, users of the service will no longer be able to upload or download songs from the dedicated tool. In September, New Zealand and South African users will be the first to lose the ability to stream songs, followed in October by users from the rest of the world. Finally, in December, Google will perform a purge and remove all music content from its platform.

You can move your songs, playlists and even likes to YouTube Music

Fortunately, the users of the service are not left behind. Google has done it right and offers a tool that makes it possible to transfer all content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, its new music streaming platform pretty easy.

Purchased songs, but also tracks uploaded to the Play Music library can be transferred to YouTube Music. The transfer tool will also allow moving of playlists, radios or even likes. So your YouTube Music profile will be automatically updated with the data retrieved from Google Play Music.

You should therefore get recommendations in accordance with your musical tastes. However, if you have a paid Google Play Music subscription, it will automatically convert to a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscription.

How to transfer songs from Google Play Music account to YouTube Music?

1. Log into your account

If you have more than one Google Account, first make sure you’re signed in to the account used for your Google Play Music profile. Transferring a Google Play Music account to a YouTube Music account can only be done from the same Google account.

2. Go to the transfer platform

Open your web browser and go to the dedicated transfer tool here. A quick summary of the items about to be transferred is normally displayed.

Start the transfer by clicking on the Start button. And that’s all !

The transfer time may take a while depending on the amount of content stored in your Google Play Music account. Google also indicates that in some cases, the transfer can take up to 24 hours.

Once completed, you will receive a notification along with an email letting you know the process is complete. Now all you have to do is log into your YouTube Music account.

How to find transferred content in YouTube Music?

  1. Go directly to the YouTube Music page and, if you haven’t already, download the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Then log into your account.
  2. To find songs purchased and uploaded to Google Play Music on YouTube Music, go to the Library tab.
  3. Then enter the Albums, Artists or Songs section, then go to the Additions tab. Likewise, your radios, playlists and other likes are all grouped together in the Library within the menu dedicated to Playlists.

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