How to create a survey with Google Drive?

How to create a survey with Google Drive?
How to create a survey with Google Drive?

How to create a survey with Google Drive? If you have to create a survey form for your brand or simply to know the opinion of a select group of people, you can use the Google Drive functions to create them.  It is simple, free and you can do it in a few steps.

How to create a survey with Google Drive?
How to create a survey with Google Drive?

Functions to create surveys

To create surveys we can go to our Google Drive account , select New >> More >> Forms. Or directly go to the Forms app . Then we choose the “Blank” option and start.

We will have a blank template to complete according to our preferences. To do this, we have a menu with 5 tools to customize the format of our surveys.

Different types of surveys

First, you have to define what type of survey you want to create. Google Forms allows you to choose different options from the “choose question type” option from the menu.

For example, reviewing the most popular options we have:

  • Short answers, a useful option if your survey requires the user, for example, to enter data such as their name or email address.
  • Check box gives the user the possibility to choose more than one answer.Paragraphs, this allows the user to expand on the response of your survey. For example, explain why you choose your services, or what they like most about your product, etc.
  • Multiple choice. In this case, you only give the options that interest you and the user chooses the one they consider appropriate.
  • Linear scale to add a score to the answer option
  • Grid of several options allows to give different answers for a statementDate and Time, a drop-down menu is added so that the user can specify this data.
  • You can use one option or combine several to create your form.

For example, if the survey is focused on a product of your brand, you can upload the image of the product so that the survey is visual and helps the user to evaluate their responses. Or if it is about different articles you can create different sections.

Customizing the survey

Once you have the structure of your surveys, you can customize the details. You can add a header by choosing one of the options provided by Google. Or upload your own photographs taking into account that the images have to be less than 3500 x 2500 pixels. You can also change the theme or background colors. And you will find some options to choose fonts. These options will allow you to personalize your survey form with the colors, logo and images of your brand. A detail to take into account is that you can see a preview of the form whenever you want, choosing the eye icon.

Setting up the survey presentation

We finish the survey and customize all the details, so it’s ready to send. But it is necessary to review some points about the dynamics of the survey. For example, if we want users to receive a copy of their responses, if they need to log into Google, etc. These details are customized from Settings >> General. In the Presentation section some visual options are added to make it easier for the user to complete the survey and in the Self-Assessment Test there are options to score the answers. Now we can already share the surveys. Google Forms provides us with a link to send it by email, social media or the option to embed it on a website.

How to view the survey results

Google will collect all the information you get with the survey and will gather it in the Answers section. So you just have to open the survey form that you have created and choose the Answers section, First it will show you a summary in graphics and then you will have the option to review each user response. And if you want to analyze the results of the survey in depth, you can configure the creation of a Spreadsheet linking the responses.

Steps to create a survey

Reviewing the steps to create a survey using the basic functions of the Form are:

  • Define the survey format by combining different types of questions.
  • We customize the survey with images and colors of our brand
  • We configure the presentation of the survey facilitating the process for users
  • Your survey can be as simple or complex as you want, you just have to spend time knowing the tools and possibilities of the Form.