How to change Start menu and taskbar color in Windows 10?

How to change Start menu and taskbar color in Windows 10?
How to change Start menu and taskbar color in Windows 10?

If you want to give a more personal touch to the taskbar of Windows 10, we will tell you how to change the Start menu color…

Windows 10 is a fluid operating system that also contains numerous customization options. This time we are going to stop at an aspect that many of you would like to change but you also would not know where to start. And it is about being able to change the color of the taskbar (that bar that we have at the bottom of the screen and where the icons of applications and destination folders that we use the most are housed) and the start menu.

How to change taskbar and Start menu color in Windows?

By default, the color of the taskbar and Start menu comes to us in deep black. Many people prefer it a little lighter, or with a different color. For this, you can put the color that you want on both sides. And we will be able to do it by choosing predetermined color samples or we can make our own desired color.

For this we are going to go to the Start menu and click on the gear icon.

This icon takes us directly to Windows settings. Within this screen we are going to go to the ‘Personalization’ icon. This is where we will find everything that interests us to change the interface of our home equipment.

Here we are going to click on the section that we find on the left side called ‘Colors’.

On the next screen you have a tile grid where you can choose one of the default colors to apply it to the taskbar and the start menu. If you don’t like any, you want to give the colors a more personal look, click where it says ‘ Custom color ‘

Now we choose, within the color wheel, the one that best suits what we are looking for. You can see the result of the color change at the same time of changing, it is not necessary to save and exit. This way you will be able to better see which color best suits your computer and your taste.