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The new Samsung keyboard is more secure and allows to search stickers

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The Samsung keyboard is updated with lots of new features, such as the search for stickers or increased security.

Samsung is one of the firms that has taken the most care of the software of its devices (you just have to check it on its latest televisions launched in Spain). It’s no exception on your devices, and OneUI is considered one of the best Android customization layers. Now it is the turn of an important aspect of the system: the keyboard.

Samsung has announced a number of improvements to its keyboard. It is not a mystery that several of them are practically traced from other manufacturers, such as Google. However, these improvements will delight fans not only for its new functionality, but for its security.

Some of the improvements we have already seen, for example, in Gboard: search for GIFs and stickers with predictions in addition to Bitmojis and mojitoks, the owners of Samsung. In addition, security is improved, with the integration of Samsung Pass to store data more securely.

Samsung improved its keyboard

One of the main improvements consists of interactions with stickers, GIFs and more. Now, we can activate a function to search for this material simply by typing. An example; If we write “love” on the text screen, the keyboard will automatically show the heart emoji in the prediction window. A sticker suggestion bubble will appear with the most relevant suggestions, and we can choose one of them.

Furthermore, searching for GIFs and stickers is allowed. In the search bar we can search for these GIFs and tapping on “Expand” and “Search · we can display different categories of search results. Another great feature is the ability to search for contacts and images as well as content in other apps directly from the keyboard, like series on Netflix or songs on Spotify.

The new Samsung keyboard is more secure and allows to search stickers
The new Samsung keyboard is more secure and allows to search stickers

Samsung Pass is the service of the Korean brand to be able to save login data that will be stored from the keyboard. When we have to make an online payment or log in, we can expand the keyboard and select “Samsung Pass”. It will ask us for the fingerprint, enter our information and thus enter all the data in the web service.

Customization and more features

On the other hand, we have accessibility options, such as the ability to reorder the toolbar or to enlarge the keys to facilitate typing if we type multitu of wrong words. If we want, we can change the size of the keyboard in the extended toolbar.

Finally, we can correct errors by sliding your finger sideways to undo or redo changes. This will be done with 2 fingers, so if we enter an incorrect word, we can slide to the right or left to undo or redo the action.

The integration with a translator that works with Google stands out, which of course will be embedded within the Samsung keyboard, directly from the toolbar. We just have to enter the icon “Translate” and choose the language we want.

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