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Razer Kishi gamepad for Android smartphones goes on sale

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The Razer Kishi gamepad for smartphones during the last CES somehow got lost against the background of a large number of presented gadgets, such as 5G routers and massive racing simulators. And suddenly, the Razer gamepad has been spotted in the sales – for quite a modest price of $80.

This is not the first gaming peripheral for a smartphone of its kind, and not even the first device in this particular form factor. But when such a product is released by a company such as Razer, which has gained popularity and respect among gamers, one kind of logo with three snakes on something new can easily move those who are not indifferent to this brand for a spontaneous purchase.

The accessory went on sale today at a price of $ 80 – a version compatible with smartphones running Android OS. Again, not the cheapest product in this category, but Razer products are usually not cheap, and Kishi has already received positive reviews on the web.

In addition, the Razer Kishi version for iPhone is on its way. It is expected to go on sale later this summer.

It is worth noting that the Razer Kishi connects directly to the USB-C port of the smartphone, which provides a lower delay in the game process, in contrast to similar accessories working via Bluetooth. The gadget also works with the Stadia service, which can serve as a good impetus for the development of Google’s cloud-based gaming service, which so far has not been able to gain due popularity.

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