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Comparison: iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 11?

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Which one is better: Read our comparison of iPhone SE(2020) and iPhone 11. Both the iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE (2020) have an extremely fast Apple A13 processor, iOS 13 and an LCD screen with the same pixel density. What is the difference between the two phones and is the iPhone 11 still worth for at least 40 bucks more?

After months of rumors and leaks, Apple officially introduced the second-generation iPhone SE today. But is the new member of the iPhone family a better choice compared to the iPhone 11? For many, it is blurred because the price difference is not really big: for the new iPhone SE with a 64 GB storage, costs $399 and the iPhone 11 costs $449. The two devices have a lot in common, but what is the difference that can justify the change?

Comparison: iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 11, which is better?

Face ID x Touch ID

Apple introduced a completely new way to unlock smartphone screen for the iPhone X in 2017 with the Face ID. The front camera takes a 3D photo of your face, so when you hold the device in your hand and look at the screen, the lock opens automatically. Instead of a fingerprint scan, the phone just should clearly see your face, no hand movements needed.

On the other hand, Touch ID is a fingerprint reader integrated into the home button which you need to press to unlock iPhone SE. Both versions are fast and reliable, but Face ID is still more comfortable: Thanks to facial recognition, iPhone can save you a few seconds every time you pick up your phone.

Although the 12 MP front camera on the iPhone 11 has a slightly higher resolution than the iPhone SE’s 7 MP, it can shoot 4K instead of Full HD.

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The new iPhone SE is small but its battery also is…

The new iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 have 4.7-inch displays, while the iPhone 11 has a noticeable size difference here with its 6.1-inch. The pixel density is the same, but the iPhone 11 offers more screen space. In contrast, the device is relatively heavy, weighing 194 grams, so the decision here is a matter of taste.

The same cannot be said about the battery, the “bigger is better” motto is always valid for the battery. According to Apple, you can stream videos up to 10 hours with iPhone 11, this drops to 8 hours for the 2nd generation of iPhone SE.

Comparison: iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 11, which is better?

iPhone 11 rear camera offers ultra wide-angle and a night mode

The main cameras of the two smartphones are almost the same, except for one important difference: the iPhone 11 has a night mode that can take good photos even in very little light, while the iPhone SE has no special mode for night shots. In addition, the iPhone 11 uses an ultra wide-angle lens.

Which iPhone fits you?

Most of the differences mentioned are a matter of taste. You can have a smaller phone if you want, but the camera or the battery life won’t be as good, you can get iPhone 11, but then SE will get updates for a longer time. If you want to compare the features of the related models again, Apple offers a more detailed comparison table on its website.

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