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Apple seeks to buy original content for Podcasts and promote Apple TV+

Apple seeks to buy original content for Podcasts and promote Apple TV+

Apple is planning on developing exclusive content for the Podcasts app and could buy some original productions.

A few months ago Bloomberg already suggested that Apple was developing original content for the Podcasts app based on and focused on promoting Apple TV+ series. Now, the publication reports that the Cupertino company is planning to buy new content.

The content that Apple is looking for will focus mainly on spinoffs (works derived from a character or aspect of a main work) of the existing series on Apple TV+, although also, following the reverse path. It will also search for original content that can be adapted to series for the streaming service. At the same time, Apple is seeking to hire an executive to lead new initiatives in the field of podcasts, a position that he will report to Ben Cave, head of the podcast section at the company.

Spotify, Apple Music’s main competitor, has been spending a lot of time and money buying podcasts for the past year. The Swedish company’s goal is to unseat Apple in this field in which the Podcasts app, available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, has become the benchmark for users of Apple platforms .

With the path that Spotify started a little over a year ago, with which podcasts are owned by a single platform, it seems that we will return to the audiovisual case rather than the musical one. That we will have to pay several subscriptions to access the content, instead of choosing the one that we like and that offers a broader repertoire. We will see how podcasts, acquisitions and the advancement of different platforms evolve.