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You can create an educational Telegram quiz now

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With the latest Telegram update, the messaging app gets new features, quiz mode getting educational features including a crowdsourcing initiative that plans to distribute 400K euros to educational quiz creators, a new attachment menu on Android, direct access to shared media on macOS and a bulls eye animated emoji.

You can create an educational Telegram quiz now, read how to

How many users does Telegram have?

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov also announced that the monthly user number has reached 400 million, up from 300 million in 2019. According to the company,a mind blowing 1.5 million new users sign up for Telegram each day and with this, Telegram became the most downloaded social media application in over 20 countries.

A secure group video call feature is on the way

As you’ve noticed, during the Covid-19 pandemic, people started making video calls like they’ve never done it before. So Telegram also plans to have a taste and announced that they will launch a secure group video calling feature this year.

Previously, Telegram added Quiz Mode to Telegram Polls in January. It allowed users to create fun games, such as trivia and they also launched a @QuizBot feature, so that we can create bots, which also had a lift for the usage of the quizzing feature.

You can create an educational Telegram quiz now, read how to

From now on, explanations will be added to Telegram Quiz questions

Now, they are telling that they saw a rise in the educational tests and quizzes because of home education took flight in the recent weeks. With this, Telegram announces educational features for quizzes.

It is now possible to add explanations to the quiz questions on Telegram. These explanations will appear as they choose answers and will help users to learn something or give them more context.

How to add explanations to a Telegram Quiz?

With the new update, after you create a quiz via @QuizBot, you are now able to set a timer for the questions.

Timers add a competition spirit to Telegram quizzes and also can be used for exams or exam preperations in teacher-student chats. There is also a new countdown animation, so you can see how much time is left.

How to subscribe to the educational test contest for Telegram Quizzes (which will distribute 400K euros as prize)

On their blog post, the company told that they will hand out 400,000 euros among the creators of educational tests.

To get a chance to get a piece, you can use @QuizBot for creating and publishing an original educational test on any subject at any difficulty level, in any language. The only thing to watch out is there should be no intellectual property conflicts on the newly created tests.

These quizzes will be published by Telegram in a a searchable directory and the winners in several stages will be determined on the quality and popularity of the tests. The submissions for the first stage of educational test contest ends on May 15th.

To subscribe, go to the @contest channel for updates on this. You can also see the results of other competitions Telegram runs. To remind you, Telegram paid 2 Million euros among the winners of the contests in 2019.

How to create a quiz in Telegram?

It seems that we like Telegram and we have prepared good content especially on quizzes.

Other new features and announcements

  • Telegram now has over 20,000 high quality free Telegram stickers: You can search them or go to the Museum of Sticker History where you can scroll through the list and see the trends from all times.
  • A new attachment menu on Android: Now all sections of the attachment menu is accessible as expandable layers. This makes the menu look much easier to use and stylish. There are also cute animated icons.
  • Direct Shared Media access on macOS: It is possible to see Shared Media through the revamped profile pages. If you have a lot of folders, you can also notice there is a new folder sidebar, with Telegram Desktop style icons.
  • In-app photo editor: Now you can draw on pictures when sending or editing.
  • Bullseye emoji: Telegram added a bullseye emoji in the last update. With this one, you can throw darts in bullseye emoji, it’s possible to shoot more than once and see who shot in the bullseye : )
  • You can create an educational Telegram quiz now, read how to

How to download Telegram?

You can download Telegram for iOS, Android,PC, Mac, Linux or use the web version through their web page.

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