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Best game and quiz bots for Telegram

Popular instant messaging app Telegram has entertainment functions through its game and quiz bots. We have listed some of the most interesting and entertaining ones for you.

Best game and quiz bots for Telegram

Sambung Kata

This is a word chain game (Connect the Word) that is originally developed for Indonesian, but later started supporting English as well. Players must answer with a word that started with previous word’s last syllable or letter. You can play in single player mode or in group player mode with friends.


If you are looking for a quick and addictive Telegram quiz, you can try this trivia game. Unlike a classical tria, there are no answer options in Quizarium, but you also have unlimited attempts.


You can play Texas Holdem Poker with random users or your friends with this bot.


2048 is a very popular puzzle game. Now it is on Telegram and Slack.

Thumb Battle

A simple and fun game for Telegram. Each game has 4 phases.

Join: When someone starts with /startgame or /startchaosgame, you can click to join the game in 60 seconds.
Pooling: You can now pick one, two or zero thumb. And guess what other players picked, and remember your guesses won’t be seen by others.
Answer: Now choose one player to see the total number of thumbs guessed by that player. The player gets extra 1 point for a correct guess. In Chaos mode, the extra points will be the number of thumbs guessed.
End Game: When someone’s score reaches winning threshold, (3 pts for normal mode, progressive winning thresholds for chaos mode) the game ends.

Urban Quiz


Another fun game where the players try to guess words by their definitions.

Dragon Islands RPG


Are you a FRP lover? Then you’ll like this bot. It is a massive multiplayer online role playing game bot for Telegram. You can conquer the world of Dragon Islands, while exploring vast territories, find rare items and collect them, engage with vivid characters and kill tough monsters. You will be travelling, dungeon exploring and trading throughout the game.