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Netflix and Disney Plus alternative Plex provides Live TV free for 3 months

Netflix and Disney Plus alternative Plex provides Live TV free for 3 months.

In addition to its streaming offer, Plex also offers a Live TV service for paying customers. The great thing is this Live TV service is free for three months due to coronavirus epidemic.

With Plex, you can manage your media library including films, series, music or photos, and also stream numerous content for free. If you have the Plex Pass, which is a paid service, you also can use the Live TV service.

It is a great time to try the service now, since the company now lets you watch Live TV completely free for three whole months.

Plex will let you watch Live TV for free

The Plex Pass means that you don’t need to watch low quality free streams, but you can enjoy better quality content for an additional charge. You can also choose from the extensive Live TV service, which you usually only get as a subscription. To help the people who currently have to spend most of their time at home, Plex made it free for three months.

With this, Plex also joins the circle of entertainment providers who helps people during the coronavirus epidemic. Until June 30, a good three months, you can now not only stream for free with Plex, but also watch TV for free. All you need is an active Plex account, a compatible DVR tuner and of course an internet connection. You can find out which tuners are suitable here on the official website.

Restrictions for free Plex users

In addition to the limited runtime, there are a few other restrictions that users who want to watch TV for free with the Netflix and Disney Plus alternative. Unfortunately, without the Plex Pass, it is not possible to record Live TV content to watch it later, let alone play it back. In addition, the internal program guide is only available for 48 hours.