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Huawei introduces new Smart Charging mode in EMUI

Huawei introduces new Smart Charging mode in EMUI

Huawei introduces new Smart Charging mode in EMUI to protect smartphone battery life.

One of the main problems in the modern world with smartphones is that manufacturers add enormous power to chargers without thinking about how the battery will respond. It is likely that in a year and a half, owners of modern flagships will encounter the fact that the batteries in their devices are degraded, having lost up to half of their original capacity.

What is Huawei Smart Charging mode?

To solve this problem, Huawei introduced its new smart charging mode, which will appear in the future versions of EMUI. And with its help, the manufacturer intends to protect the batteries of its own smartphone models.

The essence of the new function is the artificial intelligence studies the user’s habits in terms of charging a smartphone, after which, after a while, it starts to stop charging the battery as the capacity reaches 80%. Thus, the system itself will prevent the battery to degrade by reaching full capacity.

Which Huawei phones support Smart Charging?

Right now, the innovation is available for owners of Huawei Mate 30 and Honor V30 smartphones.

How to turn Huawei Smart Charge feature on?

You can activate it, just by going to “Settings”, select “Battery” there, in which you need to select the “Smart charging mode” function in “More battery settings”. In the future, “smart” charging will appear in other devices from Huawei and Honor.

And if you don’t want this feature, disabling it will keep your phone charging beyond 80%.