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The Elder Scrolls VI: Bethesda updates its engine

The Elder Scrolls VI: Bethesda updates its engine

Bethesda updates its engine, the wait for The Elder Scrolls VI continues. In a few days, it will be exactly nine years since the launch of Skyrim, more than enough time to wait anxiously for The Elder Scrolls 6. The last official statement came in May, Bethesda stated that we will be waiting for at least 2 more years.

However, Todd Howard, executive director of Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed that the company is reviewing the engine on which the expected sixth delivery will be built. An update that, as Howard said, should be a major improvement that will obviously substantially increase the expectations of people who have been waiting for years.

According to Howard, Bethesda has been busy rebuilding the engine that will power not only The Elder Scrolls 6, but all of their next-generation games, “Our engine overhaul is probably the biggest we’ve had, maybe even bigger than Morrowind. In numbers, and according to the executive, the size of the team working on the Bethesda engine has increased fivefold over the past few months. It is clear that, even if there is still time, Bethesda does not want The Elder Scrolls 6 to be delayed much longer.”

The Elder Scrolls VI: Bethesda updates its engine
“Bethesda does not want The Elder Scrolls 6 to be delayed much longer”

In case you’re wondering, some fundamental aspects of Bethesda’s engine won’t change. And yes, when I talk about fundamental aspects, I am referring mainly to mod support, a key element for a good part of the community. However, many others will experience changes: “From rendering to animation, through the routes and the generation of procedures, I don’t want to say “everything” (in reference to all the new features of the new engine), but it is an important revision. It has taken us more time than we would have liked, but it will boost what we are doing with Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.” he stated.

Bethesda updates its engine and expectations rise about The Elder Scrolls VI. When asked how long it will take for fans of the saga to be able to play The Elder Scrolls 6, Howard’s answer is “honestly, I can’t answer that now”. Of course, he leaves us in doubt as to whether a date already exists and that they see it as feasible but it’s still early to reveal it or, on the contrary, that the work to update the engine still has a lot to do and, therefore, they can’t calculate a date for its arrival.