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Microsoft forgot to renew Teams certificate, users mocked

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Many users apparently had problems registering with Microsoft Teams on Monday. The software giant said they forgot to renew a certificate.

Microsoft said on Monday via Twitter that the login problems reported by many users for the collaboration software Teams had to do with a certificate. Specifically, the software giant forgot to renew this certificate.

Microsoft is working out to fix the bug. Because of this mistake, a whole series of meetings or business chats may have been postponed.

Users mock Microsoft about the Teams certificate

Clearly, Twitter users did not miss Microsoft’s error. One user pointed out that Microsoft should set up a reminder via Outlook the next time. Some asked the software giant for the date of the next renewal, so that Microsoft could be reminded in time.

While Teams started working again for some users during Monday afternoon, others reported that all Teams channels and chats that had been set up had disappeared from their screens.

The users did not receive well that Microsoft had sought the way via Twitter to officially report the problems.

Will it hurt the competition?

Typically, Microsoft Teams is considered a fairly secure and stable business communications solution. Also, in recent months, Microsoft has increasingly outstripped Slack.

In November, Teams with around 20 million active users had almost twice as many users as Slack, which had around 12 million. Recently, the competition from Teams hit Slack shares badly.

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