This is how the special effects are used in The Witcher

by Aytun Çelebi
This is how the special effects are used in The Witcher

The viewers often don’t suspect where the CGI effects were used in the movies or series. Even if they do, it is not always possible to guess what’s been added, you will understand if you watch the video explaining the special effects for the popular series The Witcher. People who’ve watched Netflix’s The Witcher will probably be curious to look at the deconstruction of some scenes from the show, which clearly shows each layer of graphics and effects added to the raw footage.

The video was released by the visual effects company Framestore, whose portfolio is not limited to The Witcher, but also includes the blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War, Blade Runner 2049 and Spider-Man: Far from Home. While working on the Netflix show, the team drew full-fledged 3D models of Cintra and Arethusa, and also created a number of visual solutions eg. fires, so there was no need for pyrotechnics while shooting.

The result was so grim and stylish, however, Framestore did not deal with all the special effects in the show: Netines was given work to a number of models and animations by the Cinesite Studios. It was the artists from this company who modeled the battles of Geralt with monsters – for example, with Kikimora.

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