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Segway will introduce a new scooter and a pod at CES 2020

Segway will introduce Kickscooter Air T15 and S-Pod at CES 2020

Segway wants to attract attention during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a new scooter and an interesting pod.

The American Segway and its Chinese parent company Ninebot revealed their strengths two days before the CES 2020. Among the innovations to be presented at Las Vegas, there is a new electric scooter, which automatically adjusts your speed, and a two-wheeled pod that can transport a seated person.

A full speed pod

Let’s start with the S-Pod, a new prototype of an electric vehicle. Depending on the point of view, it can be seen as a different concept, but it is actually only a two-wheeled wheelchair that can carry a seated person.

Intended for micro-movements in useful places such as airports, amusement parks, shopping centers, university campuses or some urban areas, the S-Pod weighs around 330 pounds and can travel up to 24 mph, and this prototype offers a range of 45 miles.

The S-Pod uses the same gyroscopic technology as a classic Segway device. The difference is with a joystick, that is placed on the side of the seat, you can control it. The device’s system allows it to balance itself automatically. And just for any case, there is a seatbelt. Also, there are three smaller wheels visible at the bottom of the chair, probably for moving it when it’s not on.

Segway Kickscooter Air T15

An electric scooter that charges while slowing down

In Vegas, Segway will also unveil a new electric scooter called the Kickscooter Air T15. It is able to reach a maximum speed of 12.4 mph and can handle slopes up to 12 percent, it weighs 22 pounds, and it is equipped with a new braking system which allows the battery to be recharged at each slowdown or stop.

Segway Kickscooter Air T15

Its low range (around 9 miles) makes the Kickscooter Air T15 a device essentially intended for use in the city.  It is a kick and go scooter so it adjusts its own speed and you can see how fast (or slow) you are going on the screen.

Segway Kickscooter Air T15

And the best part is that you can fold it with just a press of a button.

Segway Kickscooter Air T15

The price for Kickscooter Air T15 will be 699 dollars.