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Intel Project Athena laptops will have a better cooling system

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Intel is working on its Project Athena laptops as they did on Ultrabook segment once. The new laptops will be on sale in 2020 and they will be thin and light while having high performance specs. According to sources, during the upcoming CES 2020, Intel will announce an improved cooling system for Project Athena initiative.

Project Athena laptops’ new cooling system will use the area beneath the screen

The chipmaker thinks Project Athena laptops should be compact and lightweight, but also productive. An improved cooling system is called upon to provide such a combination and it will provide an increase in the heat removal efficiency by 25-30%. The new cooling module combines two components – an evaporation chamber and graphite plates.

Typically, cooling modules inside laptops are located between the keyboard and the bottom of the laptop. With this approach, very little space remains to accommodate the cooling system, so heat removal from other system components is a difficult task to realize. But allegedly Intel developed a completely new design for the cooling system, which allows creating a large surface for heat dissipation.

The evaporation chamber will replace all existing cooling system modules and connect to the graphite plates that are located behind the laptop screen, where there is a lot of space for putting some plates. The camera will be combined with the plates through the hinges of the laptop and collant will pass through it. This implies a complete modernization for the hinges of laptops, so you can expect a change in new laptops’ designs.

In addition, the new design of the cooling system will allow manufacturers to create fanless laptops that use processors with relatively lower power consumption. With this, it would be possible to create even thinner laptops.

Source: techpowerup

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