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Chips for even more speedy 6G networks are ready

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The deployment of 5G networks has just begun, but industry leaders are already investing in 6G technology development. In particular, Japanese company NTT is engaged in such research. According to a source, NTT experts have developed ultra-fast circuits based on indium phosphide (InP). 

How fast is 6G mobile networks?

The company has started using prototypes for testing high-speed wireless transmission on 300 GHz band. The results show that when using ASK modulation, the speed is 20 Gbps and while using 16QAM modulation a peak speed of 100 Gbps can be reached.

6G speed may be tenfold compared to 5G mobile networks

Speeds at this level on 6G networks can be achieved through a single carrier, and the use of OAM multiplexing combined with widely-used MIMO technology allows obtaining even higher transmission speeds, that of tenfold higher compared to 5G networks.

Cellular operator NTT Docomo will begin providing 5G services next spring, initially covering large cities with new generation networks.

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