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Google Gboard unveils a smart clipboard feature

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Google Gboard unveils a smart clipboard feature. Three years ago, with the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, the smart text selector came to Google’s mobile operating system. The text selector was able to detect phones, addresses, emails, or web pages to display their corresponding shortcut. Well, Google is expanding this recognition to its Gboard keyboard.

Google’s keyboard has released through its latest beta a new intelligent clipboard. Now it can recognize all personal data of the copied text.

This is the new intelligent clipboard of Google Gboard

If we now select and copy a text that includes, for example, a phone number, email, website, or postal address, by simply copying all the contact information at once we will have a separate phone, email, website, and address.

Google Gboard unveils a smart clipboard
Google Gboard unveils a smart clipboard

When we open the keyboard again, we will see in the clipboard suggestions that we can paste each of these data separately, as if we had copied each field one by one. Also when we open the clipboard we will see all the recognized capos next to the complete text that we have copied originally. Each icon identifies the type of information recognized.

This new feature is very useful when we cannot select a text or we have to copy the data of a contact to fill in a form. For example, if we are now sent a message with the data of a contact, now we only have to copy the whole message and in the Contacts application, we can paste each piece of information in its corresponding information field.

The new Google clipboard is also capable of separating a series of numbers to offer us the possibility of being able to paste a number from that particular series. That is if we copy the series “11 22 33 44” Gboard will allow us to paste directly the number 33. It is also able to recognize multiple phones, addresses, and so on.

To try this new feature you must have Gboard Beta on your device. To upgrade to this version you just have to be signed up as a tester from this link.

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