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Resident Evil 4 is coming back in VR

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Yesterday’s Resident Evil Showcase flooded us with information related to the next installment of the franchise. Fans of the biggest survival horror saga are waiting in anticipation of what this brand new title has to offer, but Capcom surprised everyone with some unexpected news.

After so many rumors, the return of Resident Evil 4, the game originally released in 2005 on the Nintendo Gamecube, has finally been confirmed. However, contrary to what everyone imagined, it will not be a simple remake, but a VR version for the Oculus Quest 2.

Mike Morishita, the executive producer of Facebook, congratulated Capcom on reaching the 25th anniversary of the franchise but also presented the arrival of the fourth installment of Resident Evil in its virtual reality version.

Resident Evil 4 switches to the first person in VR

When the original game came out at the time, many complained about the drastic changes made to the franchise. The change of perspective to the third person with the camera over Leon S. Kennedy’s shoulder and the disappearance of the traditional zombies for the Ganados frowned upon the hardcore fans of the series.

However, once they were able to play it, they discovered a title that became a gem and a true classic. Such was its success that remakes were released for practically all the consoles that followed, so now it is not surprising to see it in virtual reality.

Resident Evil 4 is coming back and now it will be in VR
Resident Evil 4 is coming back and now it will be in VR

Thanks to the Oculus Quest, we will be able to play the role of Leon in his mission to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. The perspective will change to the third person and we will be allowed to access the menu of objects differently. We’ll see if it gives a necessary twist to the Resident Evil 4 experience.

All details about its launch will be revealed at a later event, at the official video game event by Oculus.

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