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Blizzard Arcade Collection receives two new games free of charge

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Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing are included in this compilation. Also, they announce an update to optimize and add a whole string of new features.

The Blizzard Arcade Collection arrived to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary with all players, available on Windows 10 PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S Series thanks to backward compatibility). A library that allows us to enjoy classic video games as we remember them, but optimized and with new features. This week, this compilation has welcomed Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing. You can get your hands on this compilation at the following link.

Blizzard’s Arcade Collection adds two new titles

“Lost Vikings 2” and “RPM Racing” join the Blizzard Arcade Collection! But that’s not all. With this latest patch, we’re also adding some new features and optimization updates to level up the Blizzard Arcade Collection,” the company explains on its official website.

Lost Vikings 2

Blizzard Arcade Collection receives two new games free of charge
Blizzard Arcade Collection receives two new games free of charge

In this sequel, our three heroes Erik, Baleog, and Olaf are once again far from home and immersed in a new adventure. In addition to having new abilities, our brave Vikings will have the help of two new allies, the werewolf Fang and the dragon Scorch, to find their way back home and will have to overcome complex puzzles that give a refreshing twist to the original game design.

RPM Racing

Not a sequel, but a prequel: RPM Racing is a time capsule that has preserved the seed of what would eventually blossom into Rock N’ Roll Racing. All the foundations of its predecessor are there: isometric perspective, different cars to choose from, the ability to install modular upgrades on vehicles, the option to save what you advance, and all the automotive mayhem you could ever want. Try RPM Racing to get a first-hand look at one of the first games produced by Blizzard.

New update

On the other hand, among the new features that owners of the collection will find, we discovered that the museum now offers an in-depth look at the development process of the company’s classic video games. “Take a look to find out how the games went from the initial concept to their final version,” Blizzard says.

At the same time, they have added the new Retransmitter mode for Rock N’ Roll Racing in the Definitive Edition and the local multiplayer mode for four players. This will allow players to rebroadcast their games with MIDI versions of the songs without losing the game’s powerful sound.

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