Why is YouTube not working on PlayStation 4: Solution guide

If you seen the error code NP-37602-8 and asking these questions (Why is YouTube not working on PS4? Why won’t it let me sign into YouTube on my PS4?) or simply can’t sign in YouTube on PlayStation4, you are having the same problem with the rest of the world.

Why is YouTube not working on PS4?

In the past few days literally millions of PlayStation 4 users have reported the NP-37602-8 error while they were about to watch videos on YouTube application on PS4. The criticality is that the console would not allow you to access your YouTube account, and consequently not be able to use playlists, timelines, subscriptions or any other option related to the profile.

Although the error code NP-37602-8 seems recent, do not despair, because this guide is designed to “get around” this criticality.

What is PlayStation error code NP-37602-8?

It would seem that the NP-37602-8 error is due to the link between the YouTube app and your PSN account and, unfortunately, until Sony and Google solve the problem between them, the problem will continue to exist.

While waiting for the two giants to get to work, we advise you to get around the problem by transmitting multimedia content directly from your smartphone or any other device. The configuration is quite simple.

How to cast YouTube to PS4 while having error NP-37602-8?

  • Scroll down the menu to the left of the YouTube app for PlayStation 4, and click the “Settings” item
  • Select ” Connect with TV code “, where you will be given a 12-digit code
  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet
  • In the app settings select “Watch on TV”
  • Finally, tap “Enter TV code” and enter the code shown on the YouTube app of your PlayStation 4.

Another solution is to select “Connect via Wi-Fi ” instead of ” Connect with TV code”. This option will allow you to stream any smartphone content to your PS4 by connecting the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Finally, just click on the phone the “Transmit” icon and select the device where to share the content. Obviously we know that this is not an ideal solution and requires several steps, but it guarantees to get around 100% of the problem related to the error NP-37602-8 of YouTube on PS4.