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The new design of the iPad mini 6 is leaked

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Today we were able to see the new design of the iPad mini 6 through a leak, the tablet comes with thick bezels on the front.

At the moment, only the basic iPad and the iPad mini still have the traditional design, with large edges and a “Home” button on the front with Touch ID.

That may change soon. It’s no secret that Apple is in the midst of a complete iPad refresh; in some cases, that will involve upgrading the displays with new Mini-LED technology that will likely debut on the new iPad Pro expected later this year.

New iPad mini 6 design

This surprising leak shows the photos of the mockup of a new iPad mini model show an all-screen design.

The new design of the iPad mini 6 is leaked
The new design of the iPad mini 6 is leaked

As it usually happens with these types of leaks, we should not believe it blindly; but the truth is that this version would fit perfectly with Apple’s latest decisions. This way, all iPads would gradually have the new design, starting with the most expensive and ending with the most basic models.

The leak shows a physical home button

The mockup has been 3D printed from the leaked files, to give us a better idea of the size and shape that the tablet will have; honoring the mini name, it will be slightly larger than the iPhone Pro Max, but the reduced edges will allow it to have a much larger screen.

Specifically, the screen of the new iPad mini would now be 9.15 inches, a big growth over the 7.9 inches of the current model. The new tablet would be much better, both for enjoying content and for working with an associated keyboard.

The most confusing detail is undoubtedly the presence of a physical “Home” button on the screen; in fact, the screen surrounds the button, just like the front cameras on many modern smartphones. Technically, it would be possible for Apple to keep a physical button on the iPad mini, where Touch ID would also take effect.

However, it’s much more likely that the button position is just a reference, and the new iPad mini will use a fingerprint sensor under the display; and the button on the mockup just indicates where that sensor would be. After all, these types of three-dimensional models are often used by accessory manufacturers, so they know the specific measurements of the device and any details they need to take into account.

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