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BioShock 4 aims to be an open-world game, job posting indicates

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Cloud Chamber is still looking for developers to work on this title, and the vacancies reveal more information. It aims to be in a city other than Rapture and Columbia,

BioShock 4 is one of those sequels that are expected and feared in equal parts, but what can’t be denied is that the project arouses everyone’s curiosity at the very least. Cloud Chamber is the development studio that has the reins of this development, but they have not yet revealed major details of the title in question. However, their job offers do shed some more light on the matter: thanks to the latest vacancies, we have learned that the game aims to be open-world. Also, the city in which the action takes place is likely neither Rapture nor Columbia, the scenarios we visited in BioShock 1 and 2, and in BioShock Infinite.

BioShock 4: More details coming in on the long-awaited sequel

One of the 17 openings currently available at the Cloud Chamber studio is for a senior writer to help “bring the world of BioShock to life once again.” The job posting adds the following, “We’re hoping to find someone who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open-world environment.” In one of the job postings, we were able to see early last year, we discovered that the studio is looking to create “a reactive world”; while it has also been noted that it would be a sandbox world.

BioShock 4 aims to be an open-world game, job posting indicates
BioShock 4 aims to be an open-world game, job posting indicates

On the other hand, in another of the recent vacancies, it is also noted that they are on the lookout for a senior technical audio designer. In this offer, they describe the game as a “triple-A FPS project with a narrative full of character and personality”. While we know that the game will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X, it was also noted in previous listings that it will take place in a city other than Rapture or Columbia: specifically, the story will take us to “a new fantasy world.”

Unreal Engine 4 and Wes Anderson-style cinematics

Among the details of the game, we also discovered that it is being forged with Unreal Engine 4, although the studio will probably end up moving its work to Unreal Engine 5 given the development time still ahead. On the other hand, they also specified that they were looking to include cinematics at a level of “mastery” similar to that of directors like Wes Anderson.

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