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APKPure app store is infected with malware

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APKPure is one of the most widely used alternative app stores and one of its latest versions are infected. Update to the latest version now.

The APKPure app store has been infected with malware. If you have installed version 3.17.18, remove it immediately and install the new version 3.17.19 of the application.

Google Play Store is the store par excellence in Android, but as we all know, Google’s system also allows us to install applications from external sources, either from third-party marketplaces or from any source. Sometimes, some applications have geographical limitations or, for example, cannot be officially installed from the Play Store because they do not comply with some of Google’s policies.

APKPure is infected with malware

APKPure app store infected with malware update now
APKPure app store infected with malware update now

It was the security experts at Kaspersky Labs who published an analysis of the latest version of the app and discovered that they had fallen victim to malicious code by integrating a new adware SDK.

Of course, the target of the attackers was the thousands of users who use this alternative app store. With APKPure version 3.17.18, the embedded malware was able to display advertisements and ads to users, with no ability to control them, and could even automatically sign up for services with paid subscriptions.

What’s more, users with older devices and without the latest security updates could be affected by the installation of additional malware and even making it in the system partition complicated to remove.

This malware displays advertisements and activates subscriptions

On the 8th, Kaspersky Labs alerted the APKPure developers and immediately updated the store with a new version free of this malware that caused all the problems.

The solution arrived quickly, but users who installed version 3.17.18 may have been affected. If this is your case and you use APKPure, check your version and update immediately to the latest version available.

Once again, we remind you to always install applications from official and reliable sources. In this case, it is a reputable market, but still has a policy of acceptance of apps not as strict as Google Play. Whenever we install APK files from unofficial sources, we must be very aware of their origin.

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