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Google Chrome: How to archive new tabs?

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The feature allows users to better organize their pages while browsing from Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is still the number 1 browser in the world. Over time, Google has greatly enhanced its browser, as it constantly adds new features to give users a better experience.

One of their latest updates was their tabs. Before, it was quite cumbersome when keeping multiple pages open in Chrome, but recently Google decided to change that.

Now with Chrome, it is much more comfortable and easier to navigate with many tabs open because they can be grouped. These groups can be sorted by color and even named.

How to archive tabs in Google Chrome?

Archiving tabs is simple. All you have to do is the following:

When you are inside the Google Chrome application and with several tabs open, what you will do is click on the box icon that is in the address bar, right next to the three vertical dots.

You will see your tabs in divided boxes, but Chrome allows you to archive them in two ways:

The first is the easiest. Just click and hold on the tab you want to archive and drag it to the box you want to sort it in.

The other way is by tapping the icon of the three vertical dots located at the top right. A small menu with several options will appear and you will select the one that says “Group tabs”.

When you enter, select the tabs you want to group and that’s it.

Is the feature available to all Chrome users?

Google Chrome: How to archive new tabs?
Google Chrome: How to archive new tabs?

Currently, the feature is available in Chrome but not fully. That is, it has limitations in the main version of the browser.

For now, it is not possible to change colors or add names to groups, but you can archive tabs.

To enjoy the full feature you will have to install the beta version of Chrome.

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