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Xiaomi is working on smart glasses

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Xiaomi is working on smart glasses. The company already has a wide range of wearables, presented globally either under its own brand or under the Amazfit brand. Although, it seems that the Chinese giant wants to continue exploring possibilities and is preparing a new surprise in the form of a wearable device.

Xiaomi is working on smart glasses

We change nomenclature because wearables are often unconsciously associated with smart bracelets or smartwatches, and in this case, Xiaomi is developing smart glasses in the purest Google Glass style, although with a more traditional design and a concept focused on quantification and health and not so much on augmented reality.

Best of all, we’re not just talking smoke, as the patent is already filed by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co.Ltd with the relevant authorities in China, describing “a glasses case and smart glasses”.

Xiaomi is no longer just copying, OK, but is their next innovation really about glasses that cure diseases?

Already on the market, we have Xiaomi backpacks, also totally fashionable sneakers, and even jackets with built-in heating, and it seems that we can complete our geek style with these glasses of which we already have their first sketches.

They will not arrive alone, as the Chinese giant is preparing both the smart glasses and their protection and transport case, which will probably also serve as a charger. They would have UV protection and a fairly classic design that would not be out of place in the Real World™.

Xiaomi is working on smart glasses
Xiaomi is working on smart glasses

As for its functionalities, they are not too well known, but it seems that they will integrate a detection and treatment model for various brain or mental pathologies, emitting some kind of therapeutic signal including phototherapy another type of wave.

We are talking about treating some mental illnesses such as depression, brain ailments such as migraines or acute headache, concealing fatigue and other pathologies, using magnetic and electromagnetic waves that would improve blood circulation in the brain and promote the absorption of necessary nutrients.

All this sounds a bit Chinese, never better said, and the truth is that we do not have the details of the technology implemented, so we will complete the information by confirming that the sources speak of the inclusion of sound transmission components, probably of conductive type, or otherwise the integration of a speaker and microphone to be able to talk directly hands-free with these glasses.

It would also be possible to listen to music and control multimedia playback, and the glasses would use artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce the noise picked up by the microphones when speaking.

As always, take the information with caution because there are thousands of patents, but very few materialize in commercial products, so for now we will have to be patient and see if Xiaomi decides to present us with smart glasses.

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