Zoom is creating an email service and calendar app

The latest news indicates that Zoom is working on an email service and calendar app. It has been commented on several occasions that video call apps were the real winners during the COVID-19 pandemic confinements, and Zoom was especially prominent among them. Once the company overcame its initial problems with security, it has been able to maintain and manage its initial growth, and its brand name is close to becoming a verb.

Zoom is betting on an email service and calendar app

Now, in an attempt to continue expanding and not just stay in the video calls or video conferences sector, it seems like the company has plans to expand to other sectors. Specifically, according to some rumors, Zoom is working on an email service and also a calendar app.

To understand what the period of confinement has meant for Zoom (with the consequent need to contact our loved ones and companions in the distance), it is enough to observe the flow of his shares on the stock market.

The company has grown by as much as 500% on the stock market, and it seems that they already have a plan to continue growing, freeing themselves from the limitations of their own starting point.

The company is already working on an email service that will be launched next year according to some sources. An email app that in principle would use Zoom’s own domain, currently @zoom.us, and of which we do not know if it will offer unlimited mailboxes or some kind of differentiation between free and premium accounts. Since they already have premium customers for video calls, it would make sense to differentiate the email service as well.

Zoom is creating an email service and calendar app
Zoom is creating an email service and calendar app

But in addition to this, it seems that Zoom’s plans would contemplate becoming, step by step, an entire office services company to cover more and more professional sectors of the web. And for this, the sources speak of a calendar app with which to continue growing to offer a “total” experience similar to that of Office 365 or Google Workspace.

We expect to see Zoom’s intentions in the medium term, with the arrival of the mail service next year. If everything goes according to plan, it would become a fairly complete online business and personal service provider, taking into account that it already has agreements with brands such as Asana or Dropbox.