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Wacom presents VR Pen: A stylus for designing for VR

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Today, Wacom has presented a really interesting product called VR Pen and it is a stylus for designing in a virtual reality environment.

With Wacom VR Pen, you will be able to draw in the air or with one of their tablets. This brings you the capability of showing a gesture precisely instead of representing the shape of something in an explanation.

Wacom VR Pen features

Wacom VR Pen is a pressure-sensitive stylus with some physical controls to be able to create differences in the strokes when designing in 3D. According to Wacom, it has an ergonomic design, you can hold it like a gun to be able to draw in the air.

Wacom VR Pen uses a proprietary tracking system instead of a built-in gyro, although Wacom has not given any further details about the product beyond the fact that the room will require external accessories. They promise that the most popular virtual reality glasses will be compatible with VR Pen. However, there is not a full compatibility list, so we’ll have to wait to see if it’s compatible with products like Oculus, Valve, HP or Microsoft, etc.

The design is similar to a paint spray, so we can grab it from a handle and the stylus will be placed perpendicular to it. In the teaser, you can see that this handle has a rough finish which probably provides a better grip by preventing it from slipping.

The idea is to transfer the advantages of drawing on a surface (2D) to a 3D environment. This way, creators and designers could benefit from it for the creation of 3D models, they can have the possibility to work on different angles.

Wacom VR pen
The design of the Wacom VR Pen is similar to a paint spray

The rotating wheel on top and the buttons are used to move between menus and choose tools without the user having to leave the virtual environment. As we said, detailed information is yet to come. We will see what Wacom VR Pen is capable of.

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