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8K video playback is now available on YouTube

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8K video playback is now available on YouTube, although it will only be available for some televisions for the time being. While the 4K is settling and there are more and more users with televisions that play this format, the 8K is beginning to sound like a bet on the future that is slowly approaching and its arrival will be gradual.

It’s funny what’s happening with 8K content on YouTube because while more and more creators are creating and uploading 8K videos, the number of devices that are able to play is still small and few people can enjoy it in all its glory.

In any case, with the idea of advancing in the implementation of an 8K resolution, YouTube is already beginning to allow its reproduction on some 8K televisions that have Android TV as a system.

8K video playback is now available on YouTube

The last update of YouTube TV for Android v. 2.12.08 allows 8K playback. One aspect to take into account is that the list of televisions that can play in 8K has not yet been made public, even though they have the technology to do so.

In addition, this update also incorporates Cast Connect support which enables the more convenient use of content via the TV if you are using Chromecast or other similar devices.

8K video playback is now available on YouTube. In case you want to test if your TV plays YouTube in 8K, you can download the update and try. As soon as we learn about the models that allow this feature we will let you know, at the moment we are waiting for official information from Google.

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