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Apple’s trial with Epic Games will be held on May 3rd 2021

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Apple’s trial with Epic Games will held be on May 3rd 2021. What began as a small disagreement and criticism, has ended up becoming one of the most resounding cases of Apple after the enormous diffusion created from Epic Games. However, it seems that the policies of interest are not the only problems. The fact is that this attention has served to reveal other negative aspects of the store, which could have been consciously allowing pirated music to spread.

Apple and Epic play a real battle royale

So finally, Apple and Epic Games will meet before a judge next May 3rd, 2021. Although in principle this will be a definitive date, as it will mean the final closure of this legal battle, and perhaps the beginning of a new rule that could jump to other platforms such as Google or Steam.

The Northern California District Court, represented by Justice Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, has chosen this date taking into account the delays that the global pandemic is causing in these issues as well, ruling furthermore that the litigation be resolved without the presence of a popular jury, this is something that Apple and Epic Games agreed on.

Unless it is established whether or not the trial will finally be held in person or whether the virtual format will be chosen, the pre-conferences are already scheduled to begin a few days earlier, on April 21st.

Apple's trial with Epic Games
Apple’s trial with Epic Games

Apple’s trial with Epic Games

But it seems that Cupertino’s company will not be able to focus entirely on this case, as major music companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Warner have filed applications for a preliminary injunction against Apple in the Moscow Municipal Court.

After years of drafting, a new law went into effect last Thursday in Russia designed to quickly remove piracy-enabled applications from the download stores of companies like Apple and Google, requiring that the distribution platforms themselves respond quickly to allegations of copyright infringement.

Complaints point to three applications available on the App Store, which, according to the record companies, allow users to access their artists’ music without paying for it. So, Apple’s trial with Epic Games will be held on May 3rd 2021.


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