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Epic Games Store offers auto refunds now

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The refunds for PC games in the Epic Games Store is now automated, similar to that of its rival, Steam.

How to return games in the Epic Games Store: The conditions and violations

In the Epic Games Store, PC games can now be returned just as easily as with the Steam. Previously, you had to manually request the return by opening a ticket through the customer service. Now a few clicks in the transaction overview are enough, their blog says.

Basically, the virtual returns are possible within 14 days after purchase with a total playing time of less than two hours – just like with Steam. There are no fixed restrictions on the number of maximum returns.

If you use the system excessively and eventually notice the algorithms, you will have problems with the purchase of new games sooner or later. This also applies to the Epic Games Store as well as for Steam and also for most other comparable online shops.

Incidentally, for a few days now there have been indications that customers in the Epic Games Store will get money back in another case: If you buy a game at a higher price shortly before a special sale such as the current Epic Mega Sale, the difference will automatically be refunded.

If the returns are a permanent arrangement, however, less changes than it appears at first glance: Ultimately, the point in time at which you bought goods more expensive is only moved forward by the corresponding number of days.

The Epic Games Store opened in late 2018. Since then, the operator has been fighting for market share with its main competitor Steam. In order to persuade customers to create an account, there are always high-quality free full versions – currently and until 21 May 2020 at 5 p.m. there is the Premium Edition of GTA 5.

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